Seven Day Pickles (From Olive Hardison)

One cup salt to one gallon boiling water.
Cover cucumbers with brine.
Let set two days.

Third day – drain, and add more fresh brine.
Fourth day – drain.  Brine – add 1 T. alum to 2 quarts boiling water.
Fifth day – Add fresh alum water.
Sixth day – drain and split or slice cucumbers.  Add fresh alum water and let set overnight.

Drain.  Make this mixture according to what you need to cover cucumbers.

3 cups vinegar
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 T. whole mixed spices
2 T. cinnamon sticks.

Heat above mixture and pour over pickles.

Second day – Pour off and add one cup sugar to above mixture.  Reheat and cover pickles.

Repeat above process for four days.

On the fourth day, place in jars and seal.