Hoppin’ John Soup

1 lb. sage sausage, browned and drained

1 box Uncle Ben’s long grain & wild rice w/ seasonings

2 cans black-eyed peas (or ½ lb. bag cooked)

1 package dried onion soup mix

1 8-oz. tub light sour cream

4 oz. cream cheese

6 cups water

saltand pepper, to taste

Bring water to boil.

Lay out Cream Cheese to get soft.

Dump all other ingredients (except sour cream & cream cheese) into boiling water. Turn down the heat and let simmer. Soup will start to get thick. Then add the tub of sour cream into the mixture. Once sour cream has dissolved and there are no more lumps, add the cream cheese and stir till no more lumps. The longer it simmers and thickens. . . the better it is. Don’t forget to use salt and pepper to taste. Hot sauce can beadded to taste