High Protein Kidney Bean Salad

1 can kidney beans (1 can = 15 oz, 435g)
½ can sweet corn (1 can = 15 oz, 435g)
½ cucumber (finely diced)
¾ cup feta cheese (crumbled)
½ cup parsley, fresh (or cilantro)
1 spring onions
For the dressing:
½ lime (juiced)
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp cumin
½ tsp oregano, dried
1 tsp honey
salt and pepper to taste

Well, the ingredients say everything you need to know already, but let’s elaborate just in case:
Rinse and drain the corn and the kidney beans.
Dice up the cucumber and chop the cilantro or parsley.
Then chop the green onion. So far so easy.
Get a big bowl and throw in everything you rinsed and chopped. Now crumble in the feta and give it a good mix.
Get a small bowl and add all the ingredients for the dressing. Stir, then taste to make sure it’s fine.
When approved, mix in the dressing to the salad.
And there you have it, your salad is ready!

Source: https://hurrythefoodup.com/high-protein-kidney-bean-salad/